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Feb 23, 2013 7:00am EST
rides, diane nash is the most overlooked central figure in that period so it came out that the stories turned out to be 18 and when i did i felt i could boil down the gist of it to give people a sense of it. you cannot do 800 or 400, let's see if you can do this at 305 very proud of this, i did it in under 200. [applause] >> i wanted to go the extra mile on the chance that what i am hoping is to have people say all! we are so out of phase, a few good about what we do, why is it that we don't and our politics is paralyzed and we don't talk more about race? i forgot what you said at the beginning. the problem with the 20 first century is the color line too. didn't go away just like my three books didn't go away. but i don't think it is as social. when he spoke, remember, the world was still colonized. most of the world was colonized at that time and literally owned by european nations and our only claim to fame was we said we didn't want an empire but we were growing into a super power and in some instances we got a pass. in that sense it really did make race through colonization a globa
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1